My Review of the Geonaute OnRhythm 410 Progress

Heart rate monitor, Geonaute, OnRhythm 410 Progress, Decathlon

Geonaute OnRhythm 410 Progress

Since I have been on my own personal fitness journey I have been monitoring my intake of calories through My Fitness Pal and using the gym equipment to monitor my calorie burn. As we all know, these machines are not accurate. The ones I use at my Virgin Active Gym do not allow me to programme in my weight and height, and they have the normal grips to check your heart rate. I am sure this has some use, maybe for people who are aware of exactly what their heart rate should be, but that is not me. I was using the figure on the machines to calculate my calorie burn and, by inputting this information in to my go to place for monitoring everything, My Fitness Pal, to measure whether I was on target with my food tracking for the day. I did hit a plateau with my weight loss so I decided to purchase a Heart Rate Monitor. Having never used one before I was reluctant to buy anything too expensive so I searched for one within my price range. I was not dissapointed.

I purchased the Geonaute Rhythm 410 Progress for £34.99 at Decathlon It was one of the cheapest that they sold so I thought it was worth a go.

Decathlon, Heart rate monitor, OnRhythm 410 Progress, Geonaute

Geonaute OnRhythm410 Progress