Month: November 2015

A Thousand Masks

Do not for one second be fooled,

For I wear a thousand masks

And not one of them is real.

When you see strength, I am cracked.

When you see light, I am the night.

When you see pleasure, I am destroyed.

For each mask is merely a layer,

That cannot be removed.

Each day I long for you to discover,

The truth of my very soul,

But as night falls I realise,

That I remain hidden from you still.

So I will continue with this lie,

That I live from dawn until dusk.

Being the strength, the peace keeper,

The brave, the loving and the fearless.

Do not for one second be fooled,

For I wear a thousand masks

And not a single one of them is real.

Rookie Avenger.


Je Suis Paris


I am writing this blog post out of respect and love for all of those who lost their lives on Friday. For all of their family and friends who’s lives will never ever be the same again. For all of those living in Paris who’s city has been devastated. For every single person who has been affected by terrorist attacks. My thoughts and heart are forever with you all.

Friday night for me was much like many of those innocent victims. I went to a concert with my friends and family. Simple. A great night out. As I left Wembley Arena I pondered for a second why the Wembley Arch was light up in the red, white and blue of the instantly recognisable tricolour. I safely walked back to my hotel and sat back to relax on my bed. I munched on my Pringles and reached for my phone to glance at the drunken pictures I had taken. I clicked on the Facebook icon and my body went cold, grasping for the tv remote and flicking straight to BBC1. The sickness in my stomach sobered me immediately as the events unravelled before me. I can’t get my head around what has happened just under three hundred miles from me. I can’t stop thinking about those in particularly who were at the concert, just like I was, a few hundred miles away at the same time. I can’t really write much more than this because I just do not know what to say. But I feel it is also important to remember that these terrorists are not the people that you and I know. They are not following Islam and they are not refugees seeking shelter. They are terrorists. The reports that they are sneaking through the borders amongst refugees is a huge problem but please remember that the genuine refugees are fleeing exactly that fear in their own country. I don’t know what the answer is but we have to remember that standing together, country with country, shoulder to shoulder with refugees is the only thing that we can do.

Paris, my heart breaks for you.

My soul weeps for you.

My tears flow for you.

For the City of Love will always be just that.

Je Suis Paris.


Pray for Paris.