My Review of the Geonaute OnRhythm 410 Progress

Heart rate monitor, Geonaute, OnRhythm 410 Progress, Decathlon

Geonaute OnRhythm 410 Progress

Since I have been on my own personal fitness journey I have been monitoring my intake of calories through My Fitness Pal and using the gym equipment to monitor my calorie burn. As we all know, these machines are not accurate. The ones I use at my Virgin Active Gym do not allow me to programme in my weight and height, and they have the normal grips to check your heart rate. I am sure this has some use, maybe for people who are aware of exactly what their heart rate should be, but that is not me. I was using the figure on the machines to calculate my calorie burn and, by inputting this information in to my go to place for monitoring everything, My Fitness Pal, to measure whether I was on target with my food tracking for the day. I did hit a plateau with my weight loss so I decided to purchase a Heart Rate Monitor. Having never used one before I was reluctant to buy anything too expensive so I searched for one within my price range. I was not dissapointed.

I purchased the Geonaute Rhythm 410 Progress for £34.99 at Decathlon It was one of the cheapest that they sold so I thought it was worth a go.

Decathlon, Heart rate monitor, OnRhythm 410 Progress, Geonaute

Geonaute OnRhythm410 Progress

The box contains the watch, chest strap and a manual. Now, the manual is definitely the downfall of this product. The diagrams were not easy to follow and the instructions were pretty vague. I followed each step as well as I could but my watch did not seem to operate in the same way that the manual stipulated. I suppose I am used to smart phones and tablets operating in a certain way, maybe it was the fact that I actually had to press buttons instead of a touch screen. I can’t fault the product for this, it is clearly me who is at fault!

After an hour or so of messing about with the watch I finally got to grips with it. I did this without the manual, so maybe just having a play around with it yourself is the best option for some.

The watch has various settings including ‘cardio'(which is where it links to the chest strap monitor), ‘Timer’ (which I haven’t figured out yet but I haven’t needed to), ‘Data’ (which gives you all of the information from your workout), ‘Settings’ (where you input your age, weight, height and gender. As well as your maximum and minimum heart rate.), and finally ‘Time’ (which is exactly what is says it is).

Decathlon, Heart rate monitor, OnRhythm 410 Progress, Geonaute

Geonaute OnRhythm 410 Progress

I’ll quickly break down the ‘Data’ setting as this is the most useful one for me. When you press start in ‘Cardio’ mode it begins to record your heart rate. Your heart rate clearly displays on the screen of the watch so you can have a quick glance during your workout. When you have finished you press stop and it records it all in the ‘data’ setting. This setting shows your minimum and maximum heart rate, the duration of your workout, how long you spent ‘in the zone’, calories burnt and fat burnt. If, like me, you just need to know your calorie burn it is such a useful device. I do have a quick look at the fat burnt but as I don’t record that information on My Fitness Pal I don’t take too much notice of it. When I compare the calorie burn on the watch to the calorie burn on the gym machines there is usually a difference. However, this does correspond to the work out I have completed. If I take the treadmill as an example, I always vary my workout on there. Sometimes I run at a steady speed for 5k, sometimes I walk for some and sprint for the rest, and sometimes I walk uphill for a lot of it. The calorie burn recorded on the treadmill is pretty much the same if I do a 40 minute workout. The calorie burn on the 410 Progress really does correlate to how much effort I have put in, which makes me believe that it is a far more accurate way of monitoring my calorie burn.

Oh, the chest strap is also very easy to put on. I read somewhere that you need to lick the sensors before you put it on your skin. Yep, I actually do this! I don’t share my chest strap with anyone though, so that makes it okay right? Anyway, it tucks easily under my sports bra and I really can’t feel it once it is on. Having never worn one before I thought it would feel awkward but it really doesn’t.

So, here are my pros and cons of the Onrhythm 410 Progress and my summary below:


Gives me exactly the information that I need

Easy to put on and easy to forget you have the chest strap on

Cheap in comparison to other similar devices

Robust and definitely not flimsy or fragile

G-Coded so other devices don’t interfere with my device readings

Waterproof, although I haven’t tested if for swimming yet

Easy to navigate the menus after you’ve had a bit of a play with it


I couldn’t get on with the manual and the diagrams were a bit rubbish

Takes a little bit of fiddling to get used to it


As you can see, I really only have two negative things to say about this device. For the price that I paid I am very happy with it and I would actually recommend it if you are looking for a cheap heart rate monitor. It gives me the information that I need to know and hasn’t let me down yet. I bought it in August 2015 and I have used it four times a week since then. There is a lot to be said about spending a ridiculous amount of money for something with a flashier screen, but for me, the 410 Progress is perfect.

If you have any questions about this device please drop me a comment. I am reviewing this because I bought it and I think it’s pretty good. It has definitely helped me on my fitness journey if only to serve as a reminder that sometimes you have to put a little more effort in.

Thanks for reading and I hope if you decide to get one, that you are as satisfied as me with it.

Decathlon, Heart rate monitor, OnRhythm 410 Progress, Geonaute

Geonaute OnRhythm410 Progress




  1. Hi, how are you? First of all thank you for your review. I have a question for you: I am 42 years old and practice some jogging and short distance runs jus for health and weight control. To be 100% honest, I Don’t like running but I face it as a medicine I need to use in order to be healthy.
    I use an old polar heart rate model that is very old and this week it finally “died”. I was thinking about replacing it with another polar model Ft7 but the price was a little “salty”. Today I saw this model from Geonaute you reviewed and it is A LOT cheaper than Polar models. So, based on your experience, do you think Geonaute Onrythm 410 is good device for the kind of use I have? I just need avg and max HR, target zone, and time of exercise inside the target zone…

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  2. Hi there. Thanks for reading and thanks for asking the question. I actually thought today about how to do a little update on this review and you’ve given me the perfect opportunity!
    In my opinion for what you say you need it for, I would say it should suit you perfectly. For the price I was surprised it was still going but in all honesty it hasn’t let me down once.
    With regards to how you need it to work I’ll give you an example of my use today as it is sitting right next to me. My time of exercise was 55mins, average HR 144, max 169, time in target zone 20mins, 474 calories and 17g of fat. I’m not convinced the fat burning number is accurate but the rest of it should give you exactly what you need. It sets your HR zones for you once you enter your personal stats, but you can alter this manually if you have a more accurate knowledge.

    I run three to four times a week (5-7k each time) and obviously I am no athlete or marathon runner either so for normal usage like me, and for the information that you want to read from it, I would say it is definitely worth a try. I have nothing to compare it to, being my first ever heart rate monitor, but it gives me exactly the information I need at a fraction of the price of all the others. I’m sure people who run a bit more competitively need to gain other information from a monitor but for me that would be superfluous.

    Oh, and like I mentioned in the review, I had a few difficulties getting used to the settings but this was probably down to being a complete novice with a HR monitor.

    I really hope I’ve helped your decision. If you have any other questions please ask away.


  3. Thanks for the nice comments. I ordered one ONRHYTHM 310. I think both are very similar properties. As one novice to sports, I think that would be enough. No need to pay very expensive models. Maybe then it can be a more professional models. Thanks …


  4. Well, as promised, here is my comment. After our last conversation (posts) I’d bought the Geonaute OnRythm 410 last december and I am very happy with it. It matches perfectly my needs. Thank you for the advice and for helping me decide. Way cheaper than Polar and very useful


    1. I’m so glad you’re happy with it. Mine is still going strong and we’ve both saved ourself some money. Thanks so much for making the effort to come back and comment. It’s very much appreciated.


  5. Does this measure calories burnt in workouts (excluding running or walking) like hiit including cardio and strength exercises using Dumbbells ?


    1. Hiya. I’m no expert so all I can say is that it measures your heart rate to calculate the calories burnt. It would obviously give you a calories burnt readout for strength exercises but I don’t believe this would be an accurate measurement. Hope that makes sense.


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