No Quick Fix!

You have to work hard for your reward. This is a lesson I wish I had learnt earlier on in my life, perhaps before I went to Uni. That might have helped. Ultimately, there is no long lasting quick fix to anything. You know that time when you used a bit of Blu-Tack to keep the loo roll on the holder? Or when you used insulating tape around the worn out cable of the iron to keep it usable? Yea? didn’t last long did it. These are clearly just minor examples of when we (or maybe just me then) tried the ‘quick fix’, but we should put this into perspective in the entirety of our lives.

Some may be able to instantly recognise some quick fixes they have attempted to use in their lives. Strangely enough, and I find this hugely interesting, the things we attempt to use a ‘quick fix’ for most are our bodies. This is actually crazy when you think about it. Our physical health and mental wellbeing (both intrinsically linked) are the most important things that we have. Our health is sometimes all that we do have. It’s not even about how we look, although this is often related, it is about taking care of our bodies. It is about using the right fuel and giving it adequate exercise and rest. Please don’t think I am preaching here. I am only just discovering this now, after many years of abusing the one thing that should be taken care of the most. I too have searched for the quick fix and finally, after years of searching, realised the truth of the matter: There are no long lasting quick fixes for our bodies and minds.

I once worked in the same building as a lady who was trying to lose weight. She was on some sort of meal replacement shakes. Don’t get me wrong, she lost a significant amount of weight, but it was during one conversation with her that I saw the downfall of her ‘program.’ She stumbled in to my office looking so weary and on the verge of tears. Unfortunately I was eating at the time and her eyes glistened with a devouring hunger. “I had a slither of cheese last night”, she drifted off, “I held it on my tongue and let it melt…it was soooooo good.” She actually closed her eyes when she said this, as if reminiscing of something way more important than a piece of cheese. I felt incredibly sorry for her, but then I didn’t. There is no quick fix. What she had achieved with the weight loss was good but mentally? Surely nothing is worth causing that sort of damage. Incidentally, as soon as she went back to eating solid foods she gained back the weight and possibly a bit more. I have since learnt that these sorts of ‘diet’ actually only ever cause damage. They completely mess with your metabolism and can cause life long weight loss problems. I fully understand that they work for some people, but you have to change the way you eat forever, not for as long as the program lasts. By consuming shakes you are learning nothing about eating healthily. You learn nothing about the nutrients that are essential for your body and you learn nothing about preparing healthy meals and snacks. I know this is not the same for everyone, I’m just referring to those who stick to the plan and then go back to eating exactly how they were beforehand. What may have been a quick fix in the first place is no long term fix just on its own.

I would go in to the whole body wrap thing here but I have not researched it enough to prepare a sound argument.

My point is, if you want to look after your body you need to look at the rest of your life. You need to take regular exercise, get fresh air, get enough sleep and fuel your body right. It’s actually that simple.

My goal four months ago was to lose weight. This has now transformed into a life long goal of good health. It’s not easy. Some days I just don’t want to do it. Some days I want to slob on the sofa, eating shit food and binge watch Doctor Who. I am still finding it hard to cut down on the booze at the weekends. I have by no means got this healthy thing in my control, but in four months I have made significant progress. I fully understand the need to eat well (well as in healthy, not well as in banquets) and exercise. But the most important thing I have learnt is that for my mind and body, there is no long lasting quick fix. Sorry to break it to you but it’s true. Quite right though. Our mind and body is all that we have. Look at the big picture on this one. Why would we want to fill our body with toxins to look good in our twenties or thirties, when we can get a whole lot more use from our bodies if we take care of them? Why would we want to live on shakes for six months to lose weight when we can change our attitude towards food and build a healthier stronger body for the future? Okay, so 1lb weight loss a week may seem ridiculously slow, but your metabolism, and mind, will thank you for it in the long run.


Taking the slow road may not sound like the best route, it certainly isn’t the quickest route, but you will learn some great things about yourself along the way.

earn your reward



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