Month: September 2015

Things are not always how they look

About ten years ago, when I was at my fattest, I really enjoyed life. I meanĀ really. I socialised a lot, I had confidence in myself and I felt strong. I didn’t mind having my picture taken, I pretty much did whatever I wanted to do and I was happy. I wore what I wanted to wear and I would always look at myself in the mirror and think “Yeah, you look pretty good.”

Now, ten years later andĀ 49lbs lighter, I am a completely different person. I can’t quite remember when my moment of realisation (more…)


No Quick Fix!

You have to work hard for your reward. This is a lesson I wish I had learnt earlier on in my life, perhaps before I went to Uni. That might have helped. Ultimately, there is no long lasting quick fix to anything. You know that time when you used a bit of Blu-Tack to keep the loo roll on the holder? Or when you used insulating tape around the worn out cable of the iron to keep it usable? Yea? didn’t last long did it. These are clearly just minor examples of when we (or maybe just me then) tried the ‘quick fix’, but we should put this into perspective in the entirety of our lives.

Some may be able to instantly recognise some quick fixes they (more…)

What’s in a Photograph?

Pick up one of your old family black and white photographs. Tell me, what do you see?

Being a part of a generation where we are fortunate enough to be able to take an unlimited amount of photos can be extremely beneficial. We don’t need to worry about taking a terrible picture because we can just delete it and take hundreds more in search of perfection. We can then trawl through the hundreds of photographs of the same scene and edit it at the swipe of a screen to get the perfect lighting, colour overlays and softness. We can easily delete the things (more…)