Food is Not Your Enemy

Food. We all have different relationships with it. Some relationships need a little help, some need a lot, and some, well they need to split up and start all over again. This may seem a bit drastic but fortunately, once you have done it, the rebuilding process can be pretty, well…yummy.

I needed to split up with food and find a whole new relationship. I never saw it as an unhealthy relationship. You know, we would snuggle on the sofa watching X-Men. We would have little days out together and sometimes, we might just try something a little adventurous. We feasted in Rome, gorged in Venice and well, we were a little fussy in Marrakech, but that’s a whole different story. We thoroughly enjoyed oodles of melted cheese on top of an already insanely cheesy lasagne. We buried chunks of cheddar into creamy mashed potato. We slathered real butter on to huge chunks of freshly baked tiger bread. We made the most beautiful hummus and onion doorstep sandwiches. We devoured entire XL packets of cheesy poofs as “road munchies” on a short car journey. We once, as a special Valentines treat, delicately dipped little cubes of white bread into a deliciously volcanic delight of Gruyère. We lunched on pepperoni slices, cheese, butter and bread all melted to perfection in the microwave. We demolished mountains of cottage pie, with added cheese obviously. We scoffed a whole Quiche in one sitting. We guzzled copious amounts of cider and wine. We shovelled in brie and bacon baguettes. We fried, yes fried, broccoli. We stuffed in entire garlic baguettes before even getting to the main course. Ah…well. Now you see. Now you see why we needed to split up. It was a pretty tough break up. Some times it even brought me to tears. But it was necessary. It wasn’t the end though so please don’t feel sad. We just needed a little therapy.

So, we started all over again. The first step was learning to really love each other and have a respect that we had never had before. It was about what we actually needed from each other and how to work together like we never had before. It was never about stopping the enjoyment and fun, but about remembering the reason we were together in the first place. The sole reason that we had been fused and aligned and…well…integrated. We were there to keep one another going. To ensure that we both had a fulfilled journey through this life. So, we did. We remembered all of that and we started all over again, building from the ground up and making sure we had the strongest foundations that we could. We learnt never to deprive the other of something that we desired, but more to nourish them with the goodness that they deserve. We quickly became used to sharing our special moments in a brand new way. A way in which we both benefited. We could rest so much easier at the end of a hard day knowing we had not hurt, upset, or harmed the other. And, most importantly of all we had developed a healthy relationship.

Food is not your enemy and you never need to feel like it is.

P.S. Courgetti is very satisfying!

Change your relationship with food

Food is your friend



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