If You are Scared of the Wolves, Stay out of the Forest

Russian proverb,

Meaning: “Fear is no excuse from [possibly risky but] necessary undertakings.


I was scared of going to the gym and getting fit. At the very beginning I wasn’t even scared of all the “Wolves” in the gym. I was initially scared of flying off the back of the treadmill or all the weights crashing to the floor around me. I was scared of tripping up on the way in or falling off an exercise bike with my foot still caught in the straps. I was scared of looking like a complete rookie and leaving puddles of sweat surrounding me. Christ,  I was even scared of throwing up everywhere. Completely irrational I know, but I am certain that a lot of newbies feel like I did. I didn’t even notice everyone else around me because I was concentrating too much on not falling off/breaking something/puking over something or someone. I do not normally take pleasure from someone else’s mishap but when someone next to me flew off the back of the treadmill I was just so flipping pleased it wasn’t me! I hope she came back after that because I’m not sure I would have done. When I was telling my boyfriend about it he was sure I was doing a “it wasn’t me (but it was)” story. I swear to this day he still thinks it was me who flew off the back.

So, after that incident, which was not me just to clarify, and no I am not protesting too much, I noticed that after a few weeks I still hadn’t fallen/broken/puked. So I kind of just kept on going and kept on getting better.

Russian proverb, Gym Motivation, Gym Wolfpack

Fear is no excuse

Six months in, and I am one of the wolves. Nothing to be fearful of, just a member of a pack. A pack of people who take pride in being fit and pushing their bodies as far as they can. A pack of people for whom self improvement is not about beauty but about strength and endurance. A pack of people who’s wind down at the end of a busy day is to be at one with their own body, getting their heart racing, blood pumping, and drowning in their own sweat.

If you are scared of the wolves, stay out of the forest, but you are losing out. Embrace the fear and become part of a pack.



  1. I really like this post. It’s amazing how much we can be scared of something and then how quickly we can become ‘one of the pack.’ I’ve felt the same way every time I started a new hobby or job. If we don’t step into our fear we really do end up missing out.

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