Confessions of a Motivational Quote Addict

Anyone who follows me on Pinterest or Instagram will recognise my addiction straight away. I am certain there are a lot of people out there like me. It’s like we always need an extra little voice of reassurance, or an extra push to believe that we can do it. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this addiction. Before I discovered Pinterest and Instagram, I would read self-help books and they did pretty much the same thing for me, but short sharp quotes are quick, accessible and instant. Just what we desire in our fast moving lives.

I love quotes from famous people, Bear Grylls being one of my current favourites, but in reality it can be a quick quote from anyone. Everyone has their own favourite type of motivational quote. I think the most popular ones that I come across are either love and relationship quotes, diet quotes or fitness quotes. I love a good fitness quote. In fact, slightly sad confession, I always have a quick look on my Pinterest board before hitting the gym. I get one or two quotes in my head and that really does help me to stay focussed. I’ve had a lot of negativity about my own personal fitness and weight loss journey and for me, getting my head back in the game and blocking out the negativity, is the first step towards the rest of my life.

Recently, I started writing my own motivational quotes using a great little app called Phonto. I’m never sure about reposting other people’s pins so I create my own for Instagram. Using pictures I have taken myself, or pictures with me in them, adds even more focus to my healthy living goals. I love sharing them on social media as I know that seeing these posts from others certainly motivates me.

I recently read an article in the Independent about people who post on Facebook about their gym or fitness sessions and diets;

             And it’s probably no surprise that narcissists used Facebook to attention seek by posting about the littlest of diet and exercise achievements.

            The worst part? They get validation from all the likes and comments, which means they’re more likely to keep doing it. You have been warned–by7GiBmQEe

Seriously, I did not think of myself as narcissistic, quite the opposite in fact. But, when we post about our “littlest of diet and exercise achievements” we are not being narcissistic. We are using our own inbuilt motivational tools. So keep on posting about them. Humans will always be jealous of someone else doing something that they can’t be bothered to do themselves. Haters gonna hate. Let them hate. You get on with your own personal journey, and share the hell out of it! And, I’ll keep creating motivational pictures and quotes to help myself. If I could help to motivate anyone in the same way that I have been helped by others, then I’ll bloody shout about that too. There is no shame in pride.

So, if all of us posting about our gains are narcissistic then we’re going to be the fittest, healthiest psychopaths on the planet. And that, my non narcissistic friends, is something you want to be fearful of!

Narcissistic, Be proud of your fitness achievements, reach your fitness goals


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