Non, je ne regrette rien!

regret nothing

No, I regret nothing.

Regrets. We all have them but why? It’s time we stopped dwelling on regrets and started living fearlessly. Think about something that you regret. Think long and hard about why you actually regret it. If it was a missed opportunity then learn from it. If it was a bad decision, then was it really so bad after all? The one decision that I made that I always think of as a regret was maybe not such a bad decision after all. It was a place on a highly over subscribed Uni degree course in Journalism. I had been offered an unconditional place over so many other candidates but I turned it down. My reason at the time was very sadly about a boy. A boy who turned out to be a bit of a numpty really. Anyway, I turned down the journalism place and studied English at my local Uni instead. I always think of this as a regret but who is to say that my life would have turned out any better. Who knows, I may have ended up working for the Daily Mail! Things could have turned out very differently. So I have learnt not to regret that decision, and you should not regret your decisions either.

At seventeen, I got suspended from College for something that I may have regretted for about an hour whilst I was getting shouted at by the teacher in the lobby of an Italian hotel. I may still have had slight regrets whilst having to knock on all the other student’s doors apologising for my behaviour. The regret didn’t last too long though. You may be wondering what terrible act I had committed to warrant the punishment. Drugs related or physical violence perhaps? No. I simply met a beautiful Italian boy named Pepe at the local bar in Sorrento where we were all socialising. Before I could say Ciao I was on the back of his moped getting a guided tour of the town at dusk. I saw the beach, the Piazza Tasso, the outside of his Madre’s house and a few other beautiful sights. It was a wonderful adventure which I will remember far clearer than the middle aged trout trying to humiliate me in the lobby! So no Miss, eighteen years later, Je ne regrette rien!

I’m sure most people have something they feel is a big regret but please try and look at it another way. Something good can always come out of the things that you think of as regrets.



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