WWWD? (What Would Webber Do?)

So we all need a bit of inspiration in our lives, someone that helps us to push through the dark times or even someone that just gives us that little bit of extra motivation to push for another minute on the treadmill and not open that second packet of Wotsits. Someone that encourages us to take the long scenic route and jump in the river to cool off. I am sure most people have someone that keeps them going. I suppose a lot of people have their family and kids that inspire and motivate them. I needed to find another motivation to push myself out of this dip that I hit a couple of years ago.

I wanted to remain anonymous on this blog to start with because I’m pretty sure my family and friends are getting sick of hearing my next brilliant idea. To start with they were as enthusiastic and encouraging as they could be. Quite rightly though, their enthusiasm waned as each week I told them my latest idea. Skipping from breeding alpaca one week to entertaining as a clown the following week would surely do that. Anyway, like I said I wanted to remain anonymous to begin with, hence there are no pictures of me on here yet. However, this blog post might just reveal my identity to any of my friends and family who read it.

Mark Webber. He is my inspiration and spurs me on when I need it. He is an Australian racing driver, a lovely man, extremely athletic, and perhaps a little bit hot! I had the enormous pleasure of meeting him this year at an autograph session for Six hours of Silverstone. I was terrified I might dribble, say something ridiculously inappropriate, or just not be able to talk at all. Fortunately none of those happened.

Mark Webber, Six Hours of Silverstone, Aussie Grit

Six hours of Silverstone with Aussie Grit

Anyway, the point of me talking about this beautiful man is that he is my motivation. When I am at the gym dying after ten minutes and contemplating stopping and just doing some weights instead, a little voice speaks to me, “What would Webber do?” He wouldn’t give up and go home for a cider. Of course he wouldn’t. He would push for that extra kilometre. He would do that and then still do some weights. When I’m out at the local river in the summer watching my dog jumping from the jetty and swimming with all the kids out there I contemplate sitting in the warm sunshine just watching and then I hear “What would Webber do?” Well, he’d jump straight in there and swim with his dogs of course. I’ve done it once, but next time I am there I swear I will do it again.

Having someone that inspires you is a very useful thing. It can help you to overcome your fears and be a little braver.  I have lived a fairly sheltered life. I’ve never even broken a limb so I have nothing to be fearful of in the first place. I know a paper cut bloody hurts, yet I still pick up a piece of paper. A lame comparison I know, but this is all I have in my 35 years. Apart from doing a somersault over a suicidal home made sledge, that hurt a bit. But 35 years of a few paper cuts and the sledge incident. This is not living.

So, when I am stopped in my tracks, contemplating giving up or never even starting something in the first place, I ask “What would Webber do?” He would not be the man he is today if he had not taken risks and had he not been brave. I am the woman I am today because I have done neither of these. Listen to your inner voice, or the little devil on your shoulder and feel the blood rushing through your veins, because you are alive.


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