Month: April 2015

WWWD? (What Would Webber Do?)

So we all need a bit of inspiration in our lives, someone that helps us to push through the dark times or even someone that just gives us that little bit of extra motivation to push for another minute on the treadmill and not open that second packet of Wotsits. Someone that encourages us to take the long scenic route and jump in the river to cool off. I am sure most people have someone that keeps them going. I suppose a lot of people have their family and kids that inspire and motivate them. I needed to find another motivation to push myself out of this dip that I hit a couple of years ago. (more…)


Life is Like a Soggy Pile of Leaves…

Not for everyone, mind you. Some people live extraordinary lives. Jetting off all over the world, exploring far flung places, discovering or inventing something outstanding, selflessly helping others, participating in exhilarating activities. For some, the love and warmth of family life prevents their leaves from becoming a pile of sogginess. That is just as admirable, if not more so! They have so little yet so much in their loving circle. Watching their children sleep and receiving that unconditional love from their brood. Being thankful for what they have and appreciating that even though their four year old insists that he didn’t pour the whole bottle of expensive body lotion down the toilet, their frustration will be short lived, and always replaced with a warm heart. They fret over their child being able to write her name before she starts school and lose sleep over the thought they might not be asked to help build a Lego rocket with the others. They are overcome with pride when their child gets top marks for spelling, or only fumbles their lines in the nativity once. Their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of proud moments in their family lives. They build their future around helping their offspring to be the best that they can possibly be. They plan family holidays and talk of saving for university. They have a future as a family, and one day will look forward to becoming Grandparents and going through the same, though to a slightly lesser extent, all over again. (more…)