“I Do. I will. Yes please.”

So, it’s been a aaaagggeees since I last wrote a post because my life has literally been turned upside down, for the best though. I’m not going to go into details about the journey, even in this world some things should remain private. Well, some things will remain private if you’re lucky enough! Basically this is, without trivializing anything in any way at all, the last six months of my life;

Met a boy
Fell in love with him
He fell in love with me
We moved in together
We got new jobs
He asked me to marry him
I said ‘Yes’, well more like “f*&k yes!”
We booked our wedding.


See, so I have been quite busy what with all this falling in love and being happy. In case you don’t know, I’m 36. Okay, very nearly 37. It is never too late to find real happiness with someone. I never thought that I would. I never believed for a second that there was someone so suited to me as he is. What I think is so important about meeting someone at this stage in our lives (he’s 6 years older than me) is that we both have different stories to tell. Our lives have come together as one, but our pasts are so different. It’s important to embrace your past experiences but never ever let them control or dictate your future. Look forward to the exciting times that you can have together and the new memories that you will definitely make.


As I saw in the New Year of 2016 I raised my glass, as I always have done, to “a better year”. Hoping that this year something would change in my life for the better. I had no idea at the time what I hoped that change would be. I was probably thinking career or money wise. However, the change that did come is far far more fortuitous than anything else could ever be. I feel far richer than I ever have and I smile from the inside now. You know that feeling right? When you really feel that smile from deep down inside you. It’s not a smile that starts at your face, but it ends up there. That kind of smile.


The Wedding Plans Begin

We knew we wanted a low key wedding, not in a church and nothing ridiculously formal. Every location we found on the internet was a full package. The ones where you have to have everything they offer you. From the napkins and table cloth to the flipping knife that you cut the cake with! What is that all about?? The prices were outrageous for something we didn’t even want. They sold these venues to us in ways I am sure some couples would fall in love with, just not us. The concept of me being the centre of attention made me feel a bit sick actually. For me getting married is about actually getting married to the man that I love. Nothing else was more important to me.

After not much of a search at all, in fact, the very first and only venue we went to look at, we found it. We found the absolute perfect place for us to get hitched.

We pulled up outside on a rainy afternoon. It was incredibly rainy, perhaps classed as torrential. As we sat in the car outside the pub we both looked at each other disappointingly. It wasn’t what we were hoping for. We thought about just driving away and cancelling our appointment but something made us go and have a look anyway. Just to see how bad it was.

The moment we walked through the door we both knew. I had never been there before, and neither had he, but we both knew. I had an enormous feeling of familiarity and I just knew at that second that this was the place we would be getting married. I don’t want to give too much away yet at this point but seriously I could not have hoped to have found anywhere more perfect than this. Our wedding venue.

Whatever it is that you have in mind for your ‘perfect day’, keep looking. Keep hoping. Never give up and never give in. I’m not referring to the venue of your wedding here, but your partner, your soul mate, your one true love, your lobster!

…To be continued